Well, they should be!

From 25 May 2018, GDPR requires consent from visitors located in EU before their information may be saved, shared or is used for advertising or analytics or so. Advertising and Analytics Platforms, like Facebook Ads or Google Analytics, drop cookies on Visitors’ devices, which together with the information that they already have about the user may be used to identify the user.

Hence, as per GDPR, it is necessary that we obtain the consent of the user before a Facebook Pixel is fired or cookies of any such third parties are dropped on their devices.

Please set the appropriate settings for the GDPR consent dialog at My Account > GDPR to make your links GDPR compliant.

Further, as GDPR considers IP as personal data, a valid explanation of how the same is being used is required before we may save IPs of the visitors. Hence, unless you have a valid reason to save the same, IPs won’t be available anymore in Dashboard > Latest Visitors and any previously saved IPs will be removed from the same as well. If you do have a valid reason to save the same, please write to us asap at