How many people saw that pamphlet of yours? How many customers were referred by that billboard?

In offline marketing, it has been very hard, if not impossible to track which offline media is generating leads and which is going down the drain.

Thanks to QR Codes, we don’t have to fly blind anymore. Generate a different QR code for each offline media, one for that pamphlet, one for the billboard and another one for business cards.

Generating QR codes for Little URLs is a breeze. Just append .qr to the Little URL and it generates the QR code. That’s it!

Example: To generate a QR code for Little Url , append .qr to make it

The QR codes may also be generated by clicking on the QR Code icon in the Preview Campaign window

Generate multiple Little URLs for the same campaign by clicking the + icon, and distribute the QR codes for each Little URL to different offline media sources. This way, in the dashboard, you will be able to track which source is bringing in all the leads and which one to bid adieu.

Here are some good examples of using QR codes in marketing by Neil Patel.